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Zero Training: The Japanese Method To Lose Weight In Few Minutes Exercise

It is possible that because of the confinement and all that it has entailed, you have put exercise aside a bit, and your lifestyle has become somewhat sedentary. All this, added to the lack of time due to the hustle and bustle of day to day, has made you put aside sports practice, and your health has suffered.

The keys to leading a healthy lifestyle are, basically, diet, which works as energy for our body, and exercise, which helps us keep fit, both physically and psychologically. It has been shown that exercising is beneficial to have good mental health, be in a good mood and face life with optimism.

And so that you can resume your active lifestyle, we want to introduce you to the Zero Training method, devised by Tomomi Ishimura, author of the book The Zero Training Method and founder of the Body Tone New York yoga studio.

It is perfect for all those beginners who want to get in shape externally must spend a lot of time and effort since, in just 5 minutes, you can tone your body and end muscle aches.

1. What Is The Zero Training Method?

As Tomomi Ishimura explains, this method consists of performing simple breathing and stretching exercises that help the body return to its natural position. Over time, and due to bad posture and bad habits, the body accumulates grease.

One of the things on which the method is based is posture and, for that reason, the exercises are focused on working the five critical parts of the body to achieve a good posture and consequently a toned body and a beautiful figure: the neck, shoulders, back, hips and feet.

2. Zero Training Method: The Exercises

To perform the exercises that Tomomi proposes in her book, you will need a mat, a large cushion or yoga blocks, three towels, one on top of the other, to make a cylinder. We leave you this video and then the explanation of each exercise.

Exercise 1: Place the cushion on the floor at the cervical level and put the cylinder of towels on top. Lie on your back on these objects and relax. The first exercise consists of inhaling deeply for 3 seconds, raising your arms stretched out towards the head, and exhaling for 7 seconds, slowly opening them to the sides with the palms of the hands facing upwards. The main intention of the review is to stretch and open your back.

Exercise 2: You will only need the towel cylinder, and you must place it horizontally and perpendicular to the mat and at the height of the shoulder blades. Lie on your back and put your arms with your hands supporting the back of your head and, in that position, breathe in for 3 seconds. Next, breathe out in 7 seconds by stretching your arms back.

Exercise 3: This time, place the cylinder in the same position but below the pelvis. Lying on your back, grab your left knee and bring it toward your left shoulder. While you breathe in for 3 seconds, raise your other leg to the vertical and lower it in 7 seconds while you breathe out without touching the ground. Do the same with the other leg.

Exercise 4: In the same position as in the previous exercise, bend your right leg with your foot flat on the ground and place your left ankle on your knee. Then breathe in for 3 seconds and, as you breathe out, grasp the shin or thigh of the right leg with your right hand without losing position while pressing outward on the left leg with your left hand.

Exercise 5: For this exercise, you will only need the mat. To do this, sit cross-legged and insert the fingers of your hand into the hollows of the toes. Then perform up and down movements to give them mobility.
Perform three repetitions of each exercise, and you will have your routine ready to start the day with energy.

Breathing is vital to getting anxiety under control. It is a perfect practice to do in the morning to start the day with energy and homework.

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