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Goodbye Bat Wings: 4 Easy Exercises For Pretty Arms

Bat wings, the queen’s greeting. It doesn’t matter what we call it, but the truth is that this ‘”sagging'” that our arms suffer from the passage of time is not aesthetic and, in addition, it reveals something even more worrying: the lack of tone and firmness.

Getting older does not have to imply that we stop feeling good physically. On the contrary, it is now when we have to pay special attention to being fit.

For example, if you have not been careful, your arms may begin to notice around 50 that they are losing muscles. It is normal due to the passage of time, but it can be alleviated with exercise. With what type of exercise? You ask.

Well, with these four, you can start to make a difference. The idea is that you adapt the intensity and duration of each one to your physical form, and as you improve, you increase both.

1. Work The Triceps

The triceps, the muscles that are above the elbow, are the ones that suffer the most from this sag and are the ones that need to be paid the most attention. With some elastic straps or with dumbbells, you can work them. Step on the rubber and pull it from behind your back, as in the image.

Bend your elbows forward and stretch your arms. If you opt for the dumbbells, do the same movement holding them with your hands. Repeat the exercise 10 times, rest for a few seconds, and do another ten repetitions.

2. Dips And Push-Ups

Push-ups and dips are complete exercises used to work various areas of the body, including the arms. The good thing is that they have many variants that you can adapt to your physical level. If you are not very fit, start quadruped and bend your arms with your elbows close to your body.

You can increase the intensity by raising one knee, then the other, and when you feel ready, both at the same time. Do the number of push-ups you can; this will depend on the intensity of the version you choose, and increase them as you progress with your training.

3. Iron

Planks are a crucial exercise. In addition to working the arms, they also involve the abdomen, another quite conflictive area, so they will help you kill two birds with one stone. Try all its variants: with your arms outstretched or resting your elbows on the mat, including both dogs on the area or with one raised.

Hold on in the position you choose for as long as possible until you can’t take it anymore (the ideal is to be between 1 and 2 minutes) but gradually increase the exercise duration.

4. Downward facing dog

This exercise is one of the basic postures of yoga. You have to anchor your hands very well on the ground and, little by little, try to make your heels touch the mat while raising your hips.

You will strengthen your arms and shoulders while stretching your back and legs—ideal after a long day at work. You also have the option of going from dog to plank and back to dog and hold five full breaths in each pose.

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