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Methods To Drink More Water (Without Realizing It)

You need to drink between 1.5 and 2 litres of water a day for your body to perform well. Water improves your digestion, the condition of your skin and even fills you with energy. On top of that, it has no calories and helps you lose weight.

Despite all these benefits, half of the Spanish do not drink enough water. Is it your case? Then read on to find out how water helps you and check out the gallery with the best deals to drink more water around without realizing it.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Water?

Without it, we could not live. It is an abundant common element in the composition of our body and is essential to keep it healthy.

It feeds us since it is the “transport” of specific vitamins and minerals essential for the body’s cells.
Purifies the body, as it helps reduce toxins.

Avoid constipation, as it adds to the suspension of stool more easily and regularly. It supplies us with its knowledge and brief satiating effect. Drink a glassful of water 10 minutes ere eating, and you will arrive with less stress at the table.

The practical purpose of the skin, which is the body’s first line of defence.

Easy Tricks To Drink More Water

And so that you can achieve your goal and drink more water, we have prepared some straightforward tricks so that, little by little, you begin to hydrate without effort.

1. Drink Water With Lemon

Many people find water bland. To perform it extra delightful, you can add different elements that, in addition to flavour, will give it its properties. For example, a few dashes of lemon will make it more cleansing and help you eliminate fluids.

You can also add fresh mint or spearmint leaves. And Or a splash of pomegranate concentrate, which is very antioxidant.

2. Drink Water After Coffee

Whenever you have a coffee, accompany it after a good glass of water. Why? Coffee makes the body discharge gastrin, and the excess of this hormone can lead to ulcers or gastritis. The cold water taken after coffee stops this secretion.

3. Drink Two Glasses with Each Meal

If you take one glass of water ere and after breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will only have two or three glasses left to complete your daily needs. That will also be useful for you to feel full and keep your weight under control, as stated in a study from the University of Birmingham.

And if you are one of those who believe that drinking during a meal is wrong, remember that water does not dilute gastric juices. It is a myth. On the contrary, drinking with meals (or before or after) facilitates the assimilation of nutrients.

4. Buy a Good Bottle

Light, refillable and with a good closure, so you can always carry it with you. Choose steel or complex plastic model free of bisphenol A (this substance disrupts the endocrine system and is found in many plastic containers). To reuse, they are much better than soft and translucent synthetic.

5. Drink Water As A Routine

Choose the method of having a glass of water each time you go from one activity to another: before leaving home, when starting work, during the break, when returning.

And to perform it easier for you, use the trick in the post-it Item. Draw eight boxes on a sticky note and mark opposite each time you drink a glass.

6. Set An Alarm On The Mobile As A Reminder

You can control your drinking rhythm if you set the alarm on your mobile to warn you each two hours. Various applications help you drink the right amount. The best-rankings are water your body and Hydro.

7. Take Advantage Of Visits To The Bathroom

You can use your own body to signal that it is time to have an extra glass of water.

For example, shortly after going to the bathroom, try drinking a glass. And also. Ere you start making, have a glass of water. This will eliminate the attraction to peck.

8. Dilute The Juices And Give Them Sparkle

Juices contain too much sugar to drink authentic glasses. Dilute them in an equal or more meaningful volume of water. You can additionally peel oranges, limes, and lemons, dice them, and freeze them. Then put them in libations of water as if they were ice.

They will refresh you, flavour your water, and help you consume more fruits.

9. Add Spice To Meals

A pinch of spice will make you improve your water damage without thinking to put out “the fire”. A modest dose of spicy promotes metabolism and helps consume calories. If you want to know other seasonings that help you burn fat, look at this post.

10. Differentiate Hunger From Thirst

Whenever you think you are hungry, try drinking because feelings are often confused. With what you will be killing three birds with one stone:

  • You will quench your thirst.
  • You will be more hydrated.
  • It will help you lose weight.
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