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Hair And Nails: We Know What You Need To Grow Healthier And More Beautiful, And Spring Is The Time To Get Them Ready

In April, the good weather arrives, we have more hours of sunshine. Our body seems to be waking up from the forced winter lethargy. You feel more tired, your head hurts and oh! Your hair falls out more. Your body also seems more weakened, and your nails break just looking at them.

These are just specific symptoms of spring asthenia. Don’t worry, because in a week or two some of them will disappear. We have to give our body time to regulate its circadian rhythms. However, it may not be this manageable upon the hair.

To our despair, our hair falls prey to the seasonal effluvium. This is how hair loss is called in these months, similar to autumn, due to the natural renewal of hair.

On a single spring day, a mane of about 20 centimetres in length can lose up to 60 meters of hair. How!?, You ask. Please don’t put your hands on your head, and let’s settle the score. Every day, between 50 and 150 hairs are shed, but between 300 and 400 can be lost per day during the spring and fall.

Because, in addition, hair loss can be accentuated by other factors such as diet and lifestyle. And, incidentally, affect the health of your nails, which despite your attempts, are permanently weakened. Poor sleep and stress are also their declared enemies, and few of us escape them in the hectic pace of daily life.

1. How To Achieve A Leonine Mane?

Okay, the world is determined to put all the possible obstacles to achieve the leonine mane we deserve and those resistant nails to apply our favourite polish.

Peaceful! Don’t despair because you can get sturdy hair and nails this spring and the rest of the year if you want. Phyto firm and its food supplement Phytophanere have been helping to have strong hair and nails for years. With decades of experience, they recommend that care begins inside and then shows on the outside.

The laboratory offers the IN & OUT beauty routine to boost energy to weakened hair and nails. Because although now food supplements have become widespread, Phyto was a pioneer in their use.

The founder of the brand, Patrick Alès, began to investigate in-depth in 1980 how health impacts the appearance of hair. This is how he created Phytophanere 40 years ago, a food supplement for hair and nails that is a fortifying formula with vitamins, essential micronutrients and stimulating plant extracts.

These capsules are a must-have with four decades behind them because they provide strength, growth, and volume to our hair and nails. And how does Phyto do it? For its preparation, it extracted nutrients, minerals and vitamins from the plant world.

He concentrated them so that voilà ! he provided us with one of the best food supplements to date to maintain and regain our hair health—just two capsules a day with a large glass of water in the morning.

With this gesture, you provide your body with vitamins B2 and B5 that will give your cells a boost of energy; vitamin B6 and B8 to stimulate your nails and hair; and vitamins C and E to strengthen the hair bulb. To this, let’s add the superpowers of zinc as well as natural oils and extracts.

Phyto has supplemented its capsules with Vitality Fortifying Shampoo for daily use, providing another shot of extra vitamins. Its ultra-gentle washing base includes the star ingredients of the capsules -zinc and vitamins B5 and B6- with extracts of ginkgo and quinine along with rice bran. The formula provides a plus of stimulating properties.

The result? Healthier hair and nails. So now you know, Phytophanere Food Supplement and Fortifying Shampoo will help you show off your hair this summer. What are you waiting to get hold of them?

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