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Top Delicious Breakfast Ideas To Start The Day By Eating Better

Do you lack ideas for a healthy breakfast? Many of us tend to pay little attention to what we eat for breakfast and repeat frequently. That’s how? We have put collectively specific ideas for super nutritious, easy and original healthy breakfasts that go beyond traditional (and healthy) options like sugar-free cereals, tomato bread or turkey sandwich.

1. Easy To Prepare Healthy Breakfast Proposals

  • Whole grain toast with avocado, olive oil and sprouts.
  • Oat flakes with raspberries, soy yoghurt and a little honey.
  • Whole wheat sandwich with cheese spread, smoked salmon, fresh spinach and olives.
  • Chia pudding.
  • Vegetable sandwich with tomato, lettuce, onion and boiled egg.
  • Yoghurt with oatmeal and mango. Mix the yoghurt with rolled oats and mango pieces.
  • Toast with chocolate. Spread them with homemade cocoa cream and pass them through the pan.
  • Cottage cheese with honey and walnuts.
  • Fruit salad with yoghurt.
  • French omelette with Iberian ham.

2. What To Have For Breakfast?

Breakfast is recommended to provide between 400 and 450 calories, roughly 20-25% of all calories for the day. You don’t have to take them all at once.

You can divide it into two shots spread throughout the morning. If we have a good breakfast, we will have the necessary energy to face day-to-day and not reach food starving. Above all, avoid ultra-processed foods such as cookies or industrial pastries.

3. Healthy Breakfasts: How To Make Them?

The perfect healthy breakfasts should consist of:

Dairy products. Milk, yoghurt or cheese. You will get the calcium contribution. Carbohydrates Bread cereals (better unsweetened, like oat flakes) because they provide energy. Oh, and forget the industrial pastries.

Proteins. Eggs, yoghurt, quinoa, ham, serrano ham or turkey Fruit. Choose it best in season, the one you like the most. Healthy fats. Avocado, nuts, salmon.

Here are tons of healthy breakfast ideas.

4. Healthy breakfasts for all tastes

Breakfast in a healthy diet should consist of fruits or vegetables, carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and some dairy. Do you want to see our proposals?

5. Salmon sandwich

If you opt for a savoury breakfast, try this one. On a couple of slices of whole wheat bread, spread cream cheese. Fill with smoked salmon, fresh spinach, olives and sprinkle with dill.

6. Oatmeal with soy yoghurt, raspberry and papaya

Here are some of the delicious, easy-to-prepare oatmeal breakfasts. In a glass jar, layer the crushed oat flakes with some hazelnuts and some sunflower seeds. On top, add a layer of raspberries beaten with a bit of honey. Then a layer of 0% soy yoghurt.

To top it off, put some whole raspberries with papaya cubes. Easy and healthy!

7. Green smoothie with mango, banana and sprouts

Another option for your healthy breakfasts is a green smoothie. For the base of this (for two people), take two bananas and one mango, reserve a few slices and a few slices as a topping, and the rest mix together 80 g of kale or baby spinach, one small handful of alfalfa sprouts, two tablespoons of hemp seeds, mint leaves and basil, and 125 ml of vegetable drink.

Once blended, add the banana and mango that you had reserved and some hemp seeds.

8. Banana oatmeal cookies

The significant health benefits of oats have made them the queen of cereals. The most common way to take it for breakfast is with milk or in the form of porridge. But you can also try our recipe and create your own easy and slimming oatmeal cookies.

Accompany them with yoghurt, juice or an infusion.

9. Avocado sandwich

A completely vegetable sandwich. Mash some avocado and spread two slices of whole wheat bread with seeds. Fill with pieces of avocado, cucumber, onion (for which you do not repeat) and a handful of sprouts.

This sandwich could also be used for dinner. You can add a little protein (chicken strips, cheese or sautéed tofu ). If you want more ideas for healthy dinners, you can download this ebook for free with many pictures.

10. Oat pancakes with tomato and cottage cheese

If you like savoury breakfasts, try these pancakes with tomato and cottage cheese. To make the dough, you have to follow our recipe for oatmeal pancakes for all tastes. Heat a pan, pour small portions of the preparation. Wait 1 or 2 minutes for it to set and turn it over.

Spread the pancakes with cottage cheese and place the chopped tomato on top.

11. Porridge (or porridge)

If oatmeal does not occupy a special place in your diet, start with this breakfast to discover all its benefits. Boil the milk of your choice, a pinch of cinnamon and rolled oats in a saucepan until you get the creamy texture you want. You can add cut fruit or nuts. Here we explain more recipes with oats for you to include in all your meals.

And if you don’t know where to start, we tell you everything you need to know about oatmeal porridge.

12. Oatmeal and sweet potato porridge

Another version of the porridge. You can produce it prepared the day before. Peel and chop sweet potato, bake it at 180º for about 40 minutes and mash it with a fork until it is pureed. Then mix it with 70 g of oat flakes, 35 g of grated carrot, 250 ml of non-dairy milk, 250 ml of water and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Cook over low heat for 10 min, stirring.

When you go to drink it, add pumpkin seeds and pine nuts.

13. Fig and zucchini sandwich

Start the day with a good vegetable kick!. On good whole wheat bread, add sliced ​​figs, raw or pan-fried zucchini, arugula and a little yoghurt seasoned with lemon, salt and pepper.

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