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Recipes With Spinach Irresistible And Easy To Make

1. Spinach with cod and raisins

Spinach is super light because it has a high water content (89%). It is highly recommended for the vegetable with the highest proportion of iron and a high calcium and potassium content and other minerals and vitamins about the identical period.

Combined with cod and dried fruits, they result in this dish that fits perfectly in light dinners to lose weight, super delicious (and easy to make), and meals. See recipe step by step.

2. Spinach cream with boiled egg

Sauté a leek and a carrot. Then add 500 g of fresh spinach and a potato cut into small cubes. When the spinach has reduced, add vegetable broth to cover—Cook for few minutes (until the potato is cooked) and mash.

To accompany and make the dish more complete, you can add boiled egg (in this case, quail), toasted almonds and a sautéed fresh spinach leaf to decorate—more recipes for easy creams and soups here.

3. Spinach and mushroom muffins

To provide a further complicated air to the classic spinach omelette, we have turned it into muffins. How? Very easy. Sauté onion with garlic and mushrooms. Add some fresh spinach and sauté until they lose all the water.

In a muffin or muffin tray, distribute this batter into the greased holes and add a mixture of beaten egg and a little cream to cook until each one is covered. Bake 25 minutes at 180º, and that’s it.

4. Spinach and escarole salad with orange and onion

It’s one of our favourite fresh spinach recipes. On a base of escarole and spinach, add orange wedges and red onion. Top with one of our super easy light sauces and vinaigrettes. And decorate with seeds or chopped nuts.

Spinach with cod and raisins

5. Puff pastry cake with spinach

In a round mould, put a sheet of pre-cooked puff pastry to protrudes generously from the sides. Fill with sautéed fresh spinach, roasted tomato slices, cooked ham, and grated cheese. Cover with beaten egg. Wrap the edges of the change inward and join to close the cake.

Prick the surface with a fork several times and bake for 40 minutes at 180 ° until the puff pastry is done and golden. Discover more recipes with easy and super tempting puff pastry.

6. Chickpeas with spinach and cod

Another super easy nutritious salad is made with baby spinach, cooked chickpeas, desalted cod and quail eggs. You have to mix the drained chickpeas with the washed spinach shoots, several layers of desalted cod, and some cooked quail eggs per person. Easy, delicious, tasty and full of energy.

7. Crepes filled with spinach, ham and cheese

You can also make some crepes and fill them with sauteed spinach, sweet ham and cottage cheese. If you do not know how to make the dough

8. Chickpea stew with spinach

Or you can make the classic recipe for chickpeas with spinach in an accessible and ultra-fast version. You have to sauté some mojitos in a large skillet, add a bag of washed spinach and sauté them too. Finally, add half a pot of cooked chickpeas and mix everything well.

9. Spinach Lasagna

In a refractive source, put a finger of béchamel. Top, including a layer of cooked lasagna noodles. Top with a mixture of cooked spinach and crumbled cottage cheese. Put another layer of plates of lasagna and spinach plates with cottage cheese.

10. Spinach and smoked salmon pizza

It is super simple. Take a sheet of pre-cooked pizza dough. Spread it on a baking tray, cover it with the chopped mozzarella and the fresh spinach, washed and chopped—Bake at the maximum temperature for 10 minutes or until you see that it is done. Separate the pizza from the oven and cover it with slices of smoked salmon and some capers.

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