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Yoga To Strengthen Shoulders, Arms, Back, Strong Legs And Core

In this class, third of strength designed for a part of the body, our yogi exercises focus on the upper extremities and the back. The objective is that both shoulders and arms are strengthened while we take care of our back, which, inevitably, will be supported after this practice.

You will have to have both your yoga mat and the blocks (or another accessory on which you can support yourself to carry out the exercises). We will learn new postures while perfecting the ones we have already been working on during the previous weeks.

Lengthen your arms and back and some postures with some openings to help strengthen your back. Get ready to enjoy the sport, put on comfortable clothes and get ready to move with the asanas that professionals have prepared for us this week.

1. Yoga Designed For The Core

To activate our body and connect with ourselves through this discipline. This week, the goal is to continue to strengthen ourselves in parts. If last week we focused on the legs, the yoga class is designed for the core.

Exercises of and lying where different asanas stand out in which the work focuses on the abdomen. Among the activities stand out various variants of the planks and exercises of some difficulty maintaining balance and developing strength.

Yoga Designed For The Core

The practice involves other muscle groups such as the shoulders and back that are also strengthened collaterally. One more week, our teacher insists on the importance of breathing for the exercises to be practical.

With the help of a mat and two blocks, professionals help us to strengthen the core.

2. Get Strong Legs With Yoga

Starting with the child’s position and going through many other postures (upright dog, downward-facing dog, cobra, crow, iron), professionals once again insists on the incidence of breathing on each of the exercises, allowing with With each inhalation, your body lengthens and with each exhalation relax.

In this class, we will also see how important it is to feel the weight in the postures in which we bend our upper body so that the legs are stretched.

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