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Purchasing These Items You Will Eat More Vegetables And It Will Cost

My mother can’t believe the number of vegetables that I eat today; when I was little, I closed my mouth to everything “green” and left the other colours on one side of the plate. Bored with my complaints, she left me to eat at school and not even there; they straightened me out.

Now I get almost a ten on the test on whether my diet is healthy. How have I changed so much? I have become aware of how important it is. And then, because I have become fond of cooking, I have found many utensils that make my life very easy! And this is what I want to share with you.

1. Microwave steaming case

I use it so much that I have two (and I won’t even tell you the ones I have given: to my mother, friends ). I can no longer give my children boiled potatoes. If they are not steamed, they do not taste the same. But it is that the vegetables are al dente, and it is done in such a short time, and it is cleaned so quickly that it has me in love.

2. A mixer for smoothies

I don’t feel like it so much in winter, but I use it practically every day in summer. I can mash fruit and vegetables with yoghurt and oatmeal and hang out in the sun all morning on the beach without feeling hungry.

If it’s boiling, I crush it with ice, and sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me in the morning. Here I leave you ideas of shakes with which you will look (even) more beautiful and healthy.

3. To make vegetable spaghetti.

It may seem like a joke, but you eat the vegetables differently when you get used to doing them. Sometimes I mix zucchini, carrot, pumpkin or Japanese turnip spaghetti with whole wheat spaghetti, but other times, not even that, with the vegetables alone, I am more than happy. Stir fry or a light sauce and licking my fingers.

4. Recyclable silicone freezer bags

I do not understand about you, but I constantly lack freezer space. And the truth is that these bags solve a lot because I can optimize the drawers better and leave things ready-made. After all, cooking every day is also exhausting.

A mixer for smoothies

5. To make homemade sprouts.

They are made by themselves; you have to soak them and see how they grow. I used to buy them, but I always think that the boxes are huge and spoiling. Also, I don’t feel like eating the same sprouts all week. I prefer to make them myself in less quantity and vary my salads or cream toppings.

6. Ceramic knives

Cutting with ceramic oxidizes fewer fruits and vegetables, and fewer vitamins are lost. So I switched to knives made of this material, and I don’t miss the others. They go just as well, and if they have this healthy plus, why not use them.

7. Fruit and vegetable dehydrator

I know it is a maximum whim, but I promise you that you get a lot out of it. I am lucky to live near a friend who is as much of a kitchen “toy” as I am, and we buy it half. Once a week, I dehydrate different fruits, sometimes mushrooms or vegetables (the kale chips are spectacular). And my children eat the fruit almost without feeling.

8. Mandolin for cutting vegetables

It makes your life easy because you save a lot of time and the cut is perfect, so the food also enters your eyes, which is also very important when we talk about vegetables, and some people are refractory to it at home. If you get used to it, you won’t want to cut with anything else.

9. Cut-resistant gloves

Yes, I no longer have plastered on my fingers. I am one of the freaks, and at the time, I thought that I would never use the mandolin if it were not in the emergency room of a hospital. Come on, and I am one of those who has become soaked in the issue of how to act in an emergency. But besides seeing that they are safer than I feared, these gloves have given me the security that I did not have.

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