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The Health Care Site has been working in this health and lifestyle genre for more than three years now, and ever since, it has been a wonderful journey. We are proud of our collaborators & contributors for staying by us regularly. We are hoping that you will be our next contributor sharing the same skills and passion.

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Well, simply speaking, while writing for our blog (THCS), you can gain more exposure to the audience. Moreover, by collaborating with us, you get recognized by various audiences worldwide, opening yourself to broader-term opportunities.

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At THCS, we’re looking for skillful contributors inclusive of doctors, diet experts, fitness experts, researchers, and professionals from health care services and impactful and passionate writers who have a love for writing about yoga, fitness, health, wellness, beauty, lifestyle, diet, nutrition, and healthy living.

We are more into impressively creative and well-sorted articles that trigger our developing populace of health and wellness followers. All the published articles should increase alertness and inform or affect the reader. They should arouse the reader to take the next step and make their business successful.

3. Guidelines For Submitting an Article

  • Topic: Articles must be analogous to our categories mainly.
  • Length: Articles must have 700 to 1400 words.
  • Original/Genuine: All works must be totally original and should not be published somewhere else.
  • Plagiarism Free:- The article’s content should be 100% genuine that’ll pass the Grammarly plagiarism checker, and the content should be well-structured and free from copyrights.
  • Bio: A brief Author Bio is needed for each article.
  • Format: Articles must be written in classic English. The tone of the article should be enlightening and informational.
  • Headings/ Subheadings: Articles must have 4 headings so far as possible and write brief paragraphs easily read.
  • Quality: The quality of the article has to be nice and should not be tendentious or never promote (advertorial) your blog or of anyone else’s.
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  • Images: The patrons are required to acknowledge at least 1 to 2 images along with their pitches. Make sure that you have the proper right to use the images.
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  • Avoid: Lastly, don’t send any copied and mechanized articles for your submissions. Be legitimate and provide us with the best of your work. We have really nice readers in THCS, and we don’t wish to mislead them a single ounce!

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  • The topics which have already been covered on our The Health Care Site.
  • We do not accept casino, poker, gambling, betting, adult, dating, and porn-related articles and links.
  • Topics that are irrelevant to our Health Care Site.
  • Would you please search our blog before submitting your posts/articles?

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